Fire Forming Group

Take your best shot with a Straight Shooter Custom Rifle

As light as it gets at any cost.

The Straight Shooter Supply

Ultra Light Weight


Turned out to be 98.2 ounces. 

That is 6 pounds 1 ounce ready to hunt including 15 ounce Leupold #111238 VXR 4-12x40  Fire Dot Duplex scope

The bare rifle is 5 pounds even.

Pierce Titanium repeater action. 

Titanium Lug 

Tally Lightweight rings  

Krieger custom ultra light weight  barrel 

Jewel Trigger 

Pendleton Carbon Fiber 16 ounce stock

Group is fire forming loads.

A few customs in progress.

Meet the Twins

338 Lapua Magnum

Bat model M action 

Bartlein 30" fluted barrel

McMillan Super Mag Adj A5 stock

Jewel Trigger

March 5-50 tactical scope

CSR Muscle 4 port muzzle brakes

Another 17 Hornet ready to ship.

308 Winchester

Tactical Police

Remington 700 fully blueprinted

Holland .250 pinned lug

Timney Trigger, Night Force NXS Scope

15 Pounds of precision

1 Mile Shooter

338 Lapua Mag

Stiller Tac 338 Action

30" PacNor 5 groove 9.5 twist

Jewel Trigger

McMillan Adj A5

Ceroakoted graphite black with MagPul FDE splash

Tactical Magnum

338 Lapua Mag

Stiller Tac 338 repeater

XLR Tactical Folding Stock

PacNor 30" 5 groove 9.5 twist

CSR Muscle Brake

Jewel Trigger

Leupold 8-25x50LRT

Long Range Remington

300 Rem Ultra Mag

 ~~300 RUM with custom designed throating, 32" finished length Broughton 12.4 Heavy Palma 5C 1:9 twist barrel, APS medium painkiller, fully trued receiver and bolt, base screw holes opened to 8x40 and trued up, Holland pinned recoil lug, Jewel Trigger, Bobby Hart LRV thumbhole stock, 20MOA steel base and a complete Cerakote job. This rifle is set up to shoot the 230 Berger Hybrid Targets.

He is reporting 3240fps with the 230 Berger and .2 MOA to 1300+ yards

7 Winchester Short Mag

Custom Long Range

Defiance Action

PacNor 5 groove

Jewel Trigger

McMillan A5

Night Force 5-32x56 NXS NPR1

CSR Mini Muscle Brake

17 Hornet 

This one started from a raw action.  We supplied the Leupold scope barrel, stock and custom machine work to turn this into a solid 1/2 MOA shooter with factory ammo.

A Big One!

375 CheyTac

Stiller 1.600" Tac 408 repeater action

Jewel Trigger

Proof Research Carbon wrapped barrel

XLR Chassis 

Steiner Military/Tactical Riflescope 5x25-56mm

Night Force 34mm A214 6 bolt Titanium Rings

CSR Muscle Brake

Atlas Bi Pod

350 grain bullets @ 3150 fps.