Straight Shooter Supply is excited to announce our dealership of LabRadar Chronograph and long range target camera system.

LabRadar Chronograph 

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No more missed shots due to poor lighting and no change in point of impact.



TargetVision ELR (Two Mile Range)

No more walking to check your target up to 2 miles.


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The new models are here! All with great performance at great prices.  Get the animals to come to you.  Great fun for all hunters and photographers.


New models are here.  Call for details.

Features most requested.

These call all feature easy to use controls, long battery life, long range non-line-of-sight remote control capability and lots of free audio files. From the beginner to the veteran, 

ICOtec has a full range of calls with features to satisfy all hunters and budgets.

The entry GC300 is compact, durable and extremely effective for such an affordable unit. You can’t go wrong with this predator call if you are a beginner or a more experienced hunter that prefers a more convenient option. Great for attracting coyote, bobcat, fox, wolf, bear, crow and raccoon.

Stretch your hunting budget ithout sacrificing features or quality! ICOtec is dedicated to developing and manufacturing quality, affordable technology products for the hunting and outdoor markets. All prey calls are licensed from Wildlife Technologies, a world leader in bioacoustics. Unit require 4 AA batteries for operation, remote come standard with a 23A lithium ion battery.

Predator Calls (GC300)

Coyote Female

Coyote Howl

Coyote Male

Crow Baby Distress

Raccoon Baby Distress

Woodpecker Baby Distress

Bobcat Adult

Cottontail Distress

Coyote Pup Distress

Fawn Distress

Gray Fox Distress

Jack Rabbit Distress


• 300 yard remote control range. No line of sight required!

• Plays up to 2 call sounds simultaneously.

• 12 quality prey sounds by Wildlife Technologies.

• Volume control on the remote.

• 15 Watt speaker.

• Rugged construction for durability.

• Never misplace the remote with our remote holder.

• High quality audio speaker for superior call replication.

All calls cycle through a pattern of natural pauses. Your unit will play several seconds (30-40) and then go silent (20-30) seconds and then play again indefinitely until you select stop. This is to eliminate the need for you to select stop and start several times per set.

GC101XL = $49.99 USD, GC300 = $79.99 USD, GC350 = $129.99 USD, GC500 = $179.99 USD, PD200 = $39.99 USD, AD400 = $49.99 USD and GC320 = $149.99 USD.


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