Take your best shot with a Straight Shooter Custom Rifle

Transfer Fees

We are preferred transfer dealers for most major sellers. 

We never open your boxes.  You are always the first to see your stuff just as we received it.

Be sure the seller puts your name on the packing slip or on the outside of the box so we can call you.  Otherwise it will sit until you call. I will not open your freight for liability reasons.

Single firearm receive and transfer.  $30

Extra rifles and receivers $10 each

Handguns $30

Extra handguns on the same day or within 7 days require a Multiple Transfer Form so 2 handguns in 7 days is $60 total.

Each extra handgun after the first 2 is just $10 each.

Please feel free to copy and save for future use or direct the seller to here so they can print the FFL right away and save you time.  We really appreciate your business.

We get our freight late in the day.  If you want it earlier just call and we will try to go run it down. We can transfer 7 days a week as late as 9:30 PM by appointment.

Straight Shooter Supply Gunsmithing

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Email: info@straightshootersupply.com

Shawn 541-297-6500

Brady 541-297-6510

We answer the phone most anytime.  If no answer please leave a brief message and I will call you back as soon as I can.

Our Location.  If visiting be sure to call first.