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We are a full time 2 man shop in business since Oct 1st 2009.  We do sales and transfers.  Building and accurizing rifles is our specialty. Excellence is our standard. Anyone that knows us, knows our passion is building and fixing things. Especially  fast and loud things. My father was a General Contractor and an artisan in wood.  I share his passion of making things.  My passion for perfection and fine metal working was passed to my son Brady.  Must be our German blood. I have been working with wood,  metal and firearms since I was in grade school. I worked with my father building houses till I graduated high school.  I did all the metal fabrication for the business and our racing hobbies.  My first outside job was welding and machining in a large manufacturing facility. I am a journeyman Machinist and Millwright with a hydraulics specialty.  Later on I studied firearm design, function and repair with American Gunsmithing Institute with a focus on custom rifle building.


From early high school Brady excelled in machining and welding and attended Southwestern Oregon Community College while still in high school to further his skills. Brady is a  graduate of the Extreme Accuracy Institute custom gunsmithing school in Missouri. There he studied with Gordy Gritters, Master Riflesmith and builder of many record setting competition rifles. We believe Gordy has developed the very most accuracy effective method of fitting a rifle barrel possible. We use his method exclusively in our shop on every barrel we fit. The results speak for themselves.


Together we have the utmost commitment to quality and bringing you the very best, state of the art, bench rest proven rifle building techniques to Oregon and beyond. To be brief, we are committed to building the very most accurate rifles in the world.

Modifying your rifle to be the most it can be for you will always be a welcomed project. Our capabilities are expanding daily so if you have something off the wall just ask and we will see what we can do to help. Our focus is building the most accurate custom rifles but will accept repair work on a per job basis.

We have brought in house NIC Cerakote firearm coatings. Cerakote is the most durable all weather firearm coating available. We are fully factory trained and certified to apply this professional finish to your firearms.


Muzzle brakes, recoil pads, pillar bedding, accurizing, borescope inspections, rebarreling, scope mounting, some trigger work, tactical bolt handles installed are but a few of the things we do.
We also do general welding,  machining and a little race car stuff too.  We hold a couple world records for 300' sand drags.  


NRA Certified Shooting Instructors. We teach, Firearm Safety in the Home, Basic Pistol, Pistol First Steps, Metallic Reloading and are Chief Range Safety Officers. We love long range shooting and love to help others further their skills at long range shooting.


We would like the opportunity to earn your business.
Thank you

Shawn & Brady

Take your best shot with a Straight Shooter Custom Rifle

Learning the craft from the best.

Gordy Gritters and Brady after class.

See the pricing page to see what we learned about chambering a barrel the very best way possible.