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Here is the all new 338 CT Maxx

On the left is the 375 Chey Tac.

On the right shows the higher shoulder and blown out body.  The little guy in the middle is a 300 RUM just for scale.  Not........  Just kidding.  The little guy is the 17 Hornet by Hornady. 

Bench Rest and Competition

We are looking for a serious competitor to sponser.



We are new but studied with the best.  I am confident others build accurately machined and fitted rifles as we do but am certain no one does it better.  If you are a regular competitor and looking for a change, give us a chance.  We don't compete or hold any records yet, but certainly would like to help you do so.  If you have what it takes we would like to help you get there.  Please call or write and we can go over your resume and see if we can help each other.

Varmint Rifles  

(No longer taking orders for 17 Hornet conversions.)

17 Hornet

Straight Shooter Supply was the first outside company to build the 17 Hornet on the ever popular Ruger 77/22 center fire action.  Here is rifle #1.  See the youtube review of it here.

Where form follows function.  Tolerances held to -.0001" 

Hunting Rifles

Long Range Hunting Rifles

Hunting rifles built on your favorite action.  These are rifles designed for real world hunting situations with an eye on the scale yet posess the accuracy needed when you need it.  Every rifle is fully function tested and accuracy verified.  Here are a couple sporter weight Weatherby Mark 5's for a couple of our finest servicemen.  These feature custom barrels, muzzle brakes, triggers, stocks and super durable Cerakote finishes.

Here is a full custom in 7 WSM.  From the left handed Defiance action to the McMillan A5, every part of this rifle is chosen to fit the customer and deliver maximun accuracy under 15 pounds.

Straight Shooter Supply Gunsmithing

New Long Range Caliber


Short for 338 Chey Tac Maxx.  What is it?  This new cartridge is designed for one thing.  Killing medium to large game animals as far as possible. 


We are starting with the 408 Chey Tac and blowing it out as far as possible and still work.  It is then necked down to 338.  This is a wildcat not to be confused with any of the lessor 338/408 versions. It is much more than just an improved.    Brass is easily formed by buying 375 Chey Tac brass and passing it through our full length sizing die.  This will create the false shoulder on the neck and maintain proper head space during the first firing and brass formation. 


Testing has demonstrated it is very capable of sub MOA to one mile.  Using the new 300 grain Berger bullets with the .818 BC effective range in most conditions will be in the 2600 to 3000 yard range.

If you positively need the longest range hunting rifle possible you have just found it.  It will only be available in the single shot platform based on the Bat CT, Stiller Tac 408 and Defiance actions.  We are restricting this rifle to single shot configuration due to the intended purpose of the rifle.  The single shot action is measurably stiffer to support the large long barrels needed to get the most from this round. 

Take your best shot with a Straight Shooter Custom Rifle